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Welcome to Shiff Family Dentistry

Shiff Family Dentistry is an Ottawa family dental practice founded on the belief that every patient is unique and has individual expectations and needs. Our mission is to always be there for our patients with a compassionate approach that emphasizes the professional aspect of dentistry, not the business aspect of dentistry.

Dr. Stanley Shiff has been practicing as a general dentist since 1978. His daughter, Dr. Dana Shiff joined the practice in 2013. Together, they make an incredible team treating their patients to the highest standards.

Our Ottawa Dental Services

Emergency Services

Access to our personal contact information for existing patients.

Crown and Bridgework

Teeth supported or implant supported, fixed (not removable) prosthesis to replace missing teeth for appearance and function.

Dental Hygiene

A program to maintain our patients dentition in a healthy state for the long term.

Porcelain Veneers

A conservative approach to restoring damaged teeth to aesthetic form and function with minimal loss of existing tooth structure.

Root Canal Therapy

A procedure to save teeth when the nerve of the tooth has been compromised. With modern techniques and materials, the success is high and most times a better solution than extractions.


Artificial roots to anchor both fixed (crowns and bridges) and removable appliances (dentures). Restores form and function in the mouth and offers incredible solutions for many people.

Periodontal Surgeries

This type of surgery treats certain gum diseases such as periodontitis. The goal is to preserve the teeth and bone in as healthy a state as possible.


To replace all or some teeth, implant supported or not, dentures will artificially replace your natural teeth and gums.

Our Location

Suite 503 Kenson Building

We are located inside the Kenson Building at 225 Metcalfe Street. Our dental clinic is open Monday to Thursday, 8AM to 4PM.